EcoDynamics is the result of years of study, research and experience by Josje Neerincx and Frank van Steensel. The theories and practises integrated find inspiration and guidance in the work of historical figures such as  Rudolf Steiner, Ehrenfried Pfeiffer and Stuart Hill. The theories are not new, but the experience we have gathered over the years is becoming extensive. It has always been our intent to share this learning with likeminded people.

Our priority is to walk the talk and to be a part of creating the dream with others. Our dream is a world where people feel and act in a responsible manner, conscious of their own health and wellbeing, the health and wellbeing of the planet and of the universe. This requires a societal paradigm shift or different world view, that includes a focus on food quality and inclusive thinking.

After years of more traditional advisory work through Eco-Agri-Logic (1993-2009) and a transitional period working for Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ), we have now developed an approach that focuses on experience-led guidance (read more). In plain language we share and combine our knowledge and experience with yours and grow better food and communities together.

We are now in the position to offer advice on a personal level, but also in the form of various tailor-made training programs including one-off talks/lectures, workshops or extended courses. Our teaching methodology is grounded in experiential learning. However, the approach is adjusted to take into account personal or group preferences, expectations and responses.

The primary project of Ecodynamics and an example of what we are all about is the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme run on our own farm (Wairarapa Eco Farm). The aim is for our CSA to act as a pilot project, illustrating the potential of the CSA model to build vibrant communities. We hope to lay a foundation for the wider adoption of CSA projects in New Zealand and the Pacific.

The aim across everything we do is to facilitate and catalyse the transformation of our society, into a society based on food quality and environmental care and inclusive of holistic thinking.

More about us and our background